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''Working to Make the World a Better Haven''

Creating Housing Opportunities  for Veterans,

Families and Homeless Transitions.


About HavenWorks Inc.

Our Mission is to help Veterans and Families
achieve safe home sites for a stable and productive lifestyle.


HavenWorks vision...To help Veterans and Families meet our criteria, gain  housing and services, according to need and move toward their Goals.  We strive to help build self reliance and a desire to travel to learn more about this world toward becoming self-reliant, participating members of society.

Charles I. King 

President of HavenWorks Inc.

US Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations


What We Do

 Our goal is to help those who call a Class A,B, C home find a safe, clean  area to park in adequate "Hook Up"(Water/Sewer/Electric).

RV Program

Business Incubation


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